Tuesday, May 27, 2008


This is a joke i will like to crack with you.
There was a night when robbing occurs wihin a community. this was such that all neigbourhood was affected. there was a pastor in this village trying to escape. he ran via a deep bush which lead him into a burial ground. He never have any fear although, but he keeps running and panting.
Suddenly he came near a place which appears as a small hole. As he was trying to jump it with calmness, he found himself on the other side, meanwhile this is a burial ground which has lost shape.
This pastor tried effortly to get out but couldn't, so he adapted to the situation.
At this same time, a dwarf was also running as the pastor. As he keeps running he came across this same decisive hole and as he tried to jump it, he too fell inside. He was so afraid as a result of that place's nature being a burial ground.
After he had tried so much and wasted all his effort, the pastor while pittying him said, "why can't you wait till tomorrow?" The dwarf never knew where this propelling force came from, as he was greatly propelled up to get out of the pit within a second.

Thursday, May 22, 2008


It is commonly know in everyday life activities; always being talked about, the wrong side of life.
It was on a fateful day, the 7th of september, 1976 when this incident occur.
A lady called Toyin was into a relationship with an average man.
Her parent was never in any wise happy with her about this as they want her to marry an affluence man.
On exactly 3:47pm on the sunny day of 20th march, 1978, an handsome man came home in search of Toyin at home. The parent was so elated as they thought their wish for their daughter is coming into reality.
This man before he left gave them a huge sum of money, a whooping cash of #250,000 and asked them to deliver a diamond chain and golden earings to their daughter. Although they never knew this man with their daughter before but they admire him a lot because of his affluence. In fact this man only met the lady in discussion only on two occations, one being in a birthday party and the second being in an industrial estate.
When Toyin returned from work, her parent narrated their excited story and showed her all the gifts that the rich man left for her, but she was never moved as she insisted on marrying Tunji.
On the second day; this man who identify himself as Gbenga came again to check on her, but couldn't meet her at home as she had already went out to fixed her hair.
Toyin's parent decided to frustrate her to yield to their demand and wishes, threatening her with a coerce voice of rejection and after much pressure she gave in.
As time goes by she started going out with Gbenga and forgot about Tunji. Later they got married. Although Tunji was like 'the world is a cruel place', yet on much persuation and encouragement, he stood again to explore the world of his dreams. And being a petroleum engineer, the future was very bright ahead.
As for Toyin, she had a happy married life and her parent through this rich man gained a place in the influencial realm.
As time goes by, she gave birth to five kids, three male children and two females.
Ten years to her marriage, she just discovers that all her children began to die one after the other until only one was left. What could cause this? Every body begans to wonder. Toyin almost run mad. although she was not mad, she later developed stroke and she couldn't leave home.
One funny thing about this was that Gbenga married another wife and let home for another location where the new wife was kept.
All these secret was later revealed.
On a fateful day like this, Toyin's parent decided to consult a herbalist who told them that Toyin's husband was the brain behind all the misfortune befalling their daughter. In fact, every where they got to, they were told that Gbenga was an occult.
To aid the confirmation of this, Gbenga came home someday only to ask Toyin to leave the house for the New wife. It was indeed an unspeakable event.
That night, God gave Toyin the grace to see her husband in a separate room where she was hearing him invoking the spirits of his dead children to go and bring money for him, calling them by names around 2:00am. As a woman,it was dificult for her to keep it and she shouted. immediately she shouted, being the fact that another eyes has seen Gbenga, He quickly go wacko.
Of course Toyin was brought back home to be catered for by her parent and the only daughter left for her which is her only hope.

To make the whole matter look mysterious, Toyin was watching TV on that day when she heard in the news that Tunji had been elected the ambassador of OPEC in the whole of Africa. it was a shoking news indeed. of course Tunji became a very successful man, he was an engineer, he was also a successful inventor in the world of chemistry as he won the overall best inventor in the whole of Africa.

Tunji had three children and a more beautiful wife. His wife is also a doctor and a virtuous woman indeed.

Had it been that Toyin's parent allows her to do her wish, may be she could be that lucky woman which could in the future become the first lady of either a state or the whole nation.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


It was an evening hour, in the summer of the year 1869, on the shore of a great sea, when a monster arose from the world of the ocean with supernatural power. A transmutation occur within this eerie natured animal and through a metaphysical power turned into a handsome man.
This began to wander and acquired strength. Desired being accomplished; as a wealthy man, explore the kingdom of mankind.
He, as a stranger went to a nearby village and there he grew from strength to strength.
During this time there was another village nearby which appeared to be a citoid (city-like). This man decided to explore this village as well with a mission not known.
As he got to this citoid, he was warmly received heartedly, all the women began to admired him.
The daughter of the king of this village was a type that was so insolent and pompous in such a way that everymen trying to woo her always got embarrassed.
Immediately she saw this man, she fell in love with him. although she was warn by every one but beauty wouldn't let her listen.
She started going out with this man and about the third day of this man in the village, he told the king's daughter that he would be leaving for his village and that he wanted to go alone.
The king's daughter insisted that she could go anywhere with him.
Meanwhile, this man's aim was to go and renew his power in a gigantic forest.
The man decided to leave secretly; but this woman will not listen. No one must see this man while he was renewing his power unless one want to arouse another trouble. This woman follows secretly. The man began to smell a rat, but to no trace.
As the man continued on his journey, he came to his destinated area where he would renew his power. Immediately this man turned into another thing and to his surprised only for him to hear a shout from behind saying in yoruba language:"MOGBE!" meaning 'i am finish'.
This woman escaped of course but that night was terrible as many monsters visited the village and the woman while at home ruminating over this issue suddenly saw this man in another form that same night and she was killed while her blood was used by him.
But from that night onward, every 13th of Friday in that village was always accompanied by series of visits by the men of the underworld.
That date was later termed by the psychologists as paraskavedekatriaphobia, meaning the fear of friday 13.

Monday, May 19, 2008


I want to ask you some certain things. as a pastor, if you are asked: 'are you going to make heaven? what will be your responce? yes, you will say.
having this in my mind have lead to write somethings down.
moses was a highly honourable and mighty prophet. he was the savior and the deliverer of israelites. he was so powerful that he wrought many miracles in the land of Egypt. yet upon all these, there is a bile in moses that nearly contaminate all his achievement. what could this be? it was the spirit of anger! it was this spirit that made him to kill an Egyptian who was beating an israelite. one furning thing about this issue is that God never open moses eyes into this faulty foundation for once. it was this same spirit of anger that made him to smark the rock twice while at the instruction of touching it with the rod in his hand. in other word, when God told moses to touch the rock and bring forth water from it, God himself has entered into the rock and moses while smarking the rock has beating God unknowingly. this was the first mistake as a result of faulting foundation.
it was through this mistake that God decided to take a pound of flesh. He lost that land to those who did work for it.
also when looking deep into the life of judas iscariot, i discovered that if christ had decided to, on the first contact with judas, bless him, may be judas iscariot could have raised up close to 1,000 pieces of silver such that the 30 pieces of silver wouldn't have been enough for him to betray his master.
what am i saying? all i want you to know is that it requires the grace of God for our weeknesses to be known. also it requires GOd's mercy for us to be saved. there a lot of people out there, they were only called to be used so that they would help to contact the real needed soul.
it is not that i am important or know how to do it, but it requires God's mercy.
you need to know the weakspot in your foundation and correct it now for if you do not, it might be the real obstacle that could obstruct you from your glory.
it takes grace to know it but it is better you know it now!!!!